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Headquartered in the City of London, United Kingdom, ARE Group specialises in a range of property services (including property search,tax planning, mortgage application and letting management etc.)to assist international buyers with their property search.

ARE’s agency services cover all the major cities and suburban areas across the UK. The company has attracted a pool of professional property consultants who have rich experience in the UK propertymarket.  Following our ‘Integrity and Client first’ service motto, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality and cost efficient services as well as feel at home experience. We provide our clients with UK Property Investment Guide and the latest property information and assist them to walk through the whole process to find their perfect home.

In addition to the ‘one-stop’ services, ARE Group has also built long term partnerships with top property developers, realty investment groups, law firms, accountancy firms, international banks and local mortgage brokers. ARE has earned great customer satisfaction in the industry with its admirable professionalism. In 2018, ARE’s team was awarded as the Best New Agency of the Year in the industry renowned Barratt International Awards.


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ARE has an elite team comprised of excellent talents specialised in financial, property investment, immigration and legal areas. We provide professional and efficient one stop services and our team boast its VIP property viewing experience which includes private pick up services provided by our property experts who also accompany our clients for all property viewings and help with translation to overcome any communication barriers. We listen actively to your need and are committed to providing bespoke services to find your perfect home. We help you deal with complex legal procedures and mortgage applications related to property purchases and provide you with after sale property management services and ultimately assist you with your settlement and/or investment in the UK.


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ARE’s services include: providing international buyers with reliable property information, investment analysis, conveyancing and lettings management services etc. We have experienced tax advisers and mortgage brokers in our elite team. Given our strong partnerships with local law firms and international banks, we are well positioned to provide our clients with legal and financing assistance as well as bespoke property investment plans.


Our team provides clients with the most up to date and professional overseas property information, market analysis and purchase guide. In response to the unique needs of different client groups, our service team is dedicated to providing our clients with bespoke property purchase plans and helping them to make smarter investment decisions.

Buy to Live

ARE is committed to providing the most up to date information of UK residential properties within various school catchment areas. For buyers who are in favor of the sought after properties in school catchment areas, we provide them with professional analysis covering locationeducation resources, transport, planning, environment and community culture for the target properties.  We select high quality and secure properties for overseas students so that their parents who are thousands miles away would feel reassured and achieve the goal of covering overseas study expenditure by using the return on property investment. We also help clients to find their perfect private home for self uses.

Buy to Let

Forbuy to let investors, ARE also provides them with the latest information of the UK property market, in-depth analysis of the future planning of local areas. We also partner with top UK property developers and investment groups to introduce a range of luxurious houses, flats to accommodate various investment budgets and requirements. We help buy to let investors create professional investment plans with the most stable investment returns so that the letting overheads are fully covered by the rental income. In the meantime, our professional tax adviser provides our clients with comprehensive tax planning and compliance services with an aim to maximise the investment return whilst minimise the risks.


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We have strong partnerships with a number of international and local banks including Bank of China London Branch, Bank of East Asia, HSBC and Standard Chartered etc, which could provide up to 75% loan to value ratio for residential mortgages. We also work with experienced mortgage brokers to provide our clients with one to one mortgage application support and resolve any property financing issues. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most cost efficient purchase options.


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ARE’s team provides overseas buyers with professional and detailed property management services including property lettings, day to day maintenance etc. As we are based in London, we are able to follow up on any property circumstances quickly and deal with any property related affairs on behalf of our clients. We provide investors with reassuring one-stop after sale services.


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ARE’s elite team also works closely with local law firms and accountancy firms in the UK and is able to provide professional legal and tax assistance and prevent risks arising from property transactions.


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ARE Group’s brand power is exemplified by its strong strategic partnerships with many leading property developers and investment groups in the UK. We have introduced over 100 famous developments with full quality guarantee and risk pretention measures. ARE also has strong relationship with many global and local banks, UK law firms and mortgage brokers and is committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive services for overseas property investment.


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